Austin Ridgebacks
I love making new friends!
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Some parks we frequent:
Red Bud Dog Park (Red Bud Trail near Lake Austin Blvd)... it is on Red Bud trail, right off Lake Austin Blvd, just after you cross the bridge.  
The Quarries Park
(off Duval between Mopac and 183, click here for driving directions)

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Jan. Play Date
- Pictures here!
Feb. Play Date: -PHOTOS


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cabo_the_ridgeback *AT*
A place for Rhodesian Ridgeback Enthusiasts!

To know one is to love one... that is what all those owned by a Ridgeback seem to agree upon. 

The purpose of this site is to give local (central Texas) Ridgeback folks an opportunity to interact.  Here we can share information on upcoming gatherings, play dates, events, etc.   Ask questions/get advice from others familiar with the breed.   Share stories and pictures.  The use of the site can certainly evolve to meet any other requests you might have, just send me email with any suggestions!
I have had the pleasure of meeting many Austin Texas Ridgeback friends- we've gathered the dogs for play dates to watch the fun as they play in true ridgeback fashion!  If you'd like to
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gathering... jot me a note, and I'll add you to the list for email updates:

Cabo_the_Ridgeback   @

Of course all are welcome... not ridgeback exclusive, our pups love all kinds of 4 and 2 legged friends!

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